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Five Tips on How to Conduct Yourself During Traineeship

Being a trainee, there are a lot of things ahead of you that you are yet to learn. Hence, you need to be self-organised and well-composed if you are interested in gaining something at the end of your training program.

Certain tips can help you to know how to behave during your training programme, regardless of whether it is working hours or not. Some trainees ignore such crucial tips and end up being a burden to the company as well as the traineeship itself.

Here are some of the essential tips that you should be aware of when undertaking a traineeship.

Behavioural tips for new trainees

  • You should be an active listener

As a trainee, you need to talk less and listen more because there are a lot of things that you are yet to know. You will be constantly receiving instructions from employees (mentors), colleagues and support staff. As such, you must take in every instruction keenly and make sure that you do exactly as you are told.

  • You should be a team player

Being a trainee does not mean that you are not of any help to your trainers, they are also eager to learn a few things from you. So you must become a team player ready to help others where you can and also ask for help when you are stuck. This can make your time at that place a memorable and life-changing one. Remember that as a team player, you need to find a way to get on well with others, even if they do not acknowledge your contributions to the team.

  • Ask questions whenever possible

As a trainee, you are free to ask questions whenever you are not understanding what is happening. However, you have to ask the right questions that can show your intellectual capabilities. Do not just ask questions for the sake of being noticed because you will end up being a nuisance to your mentors. If possible, always walk with a notebook where you can note down questions and answers to avoid repeating the same questions over and over again.

  • Pay attention to detail

As mentioned earlier, you need to put all your attention into the projects you are undertaking without missing any piece of information. Make sure that you understand every phase of the project. You will only understand how things are done if you are keen on every piece of detail.

  • You should have confidence

To wind up, you need to stay confident in whatever you are doing or saying. The staff will respect you if you are assertive on what you are saying as an individual. However, you need to have some limits to your confidence when you are correcting others because no one likes to be corrected by a minor. You should always know your place and stay within the boundaries.

Reasons why many companies are embracing traineeships

Many companies have joined traineeship programmes of late, and it can be attributed to the following reasons:

Incentive offers – the government is on the front foot to see that many companies are participating in traineeship by offering incentives to the participants. This has attracted many companies who are becoming regular participants.

Develop employees – by participating in traineeships, the company is also developing its employees and helping them to become more productive through research.

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